Tuesday, August 11, 2009

toads, veggies, school, and sleeping

Behold---the old beverage cooler that used to hold "adult beverages" for several people now contains toads, crickets, and grass!!! Yep you guessed it...the youngest, M, as we were tearing down the rest of the plants in the garden was catching everything she could find.

This is Zeus walking around with bird feathers on his nose as he was vacuuming up the bird food...lol

here are the contents of the beverage cooler...

see anything that doesn't belong?

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our wonderful 11 punkins from our one plant that took over the neighbor's yard.

Zeus snuggling with kyle

chili was sleeping leaning on kyle's head...

enough of the pics. on to everything else. we now have two kiddies!! woot woot!!! it is awesome. it is amazing how fast the heart can love. she is totally different thatn b, but the same. they get along wonderfully. i'm hooked. wish we had room for sooo many more.

the garden is all done except for 2 jalapeno plants, 1 green pepper plant, and 1/2 of the cherry tomato plant. only a little sad it's over this time.

can you believe it, i got to register kids for school!! woot, woot!! i got to go school shopping!! it was an amazing feeling. they said it was like Christmas. it is such an amazing feeling. i love having them here. i love the smiles, the hugs, and i can't even begin to describe the feeling of being called "mom." it is indescribable. brings tears to my eyes a lot. and i can only thank God for the gifts. and His plan.

we just got back from swimming at aunt carla's. i love swimming. and there was only 8 of us in the pool tonight!! we have all of tonda's kiddies tonight also. i want this many kids all the time!!!!!!!!!! so does kyle. actually we want 8-10.

we have had something going on every night this week and up until wednesday of next week we have something going on!! busy, busy!!

k, well, best get off here. i am not spending near as much time on this thing as i used too!! hope you all have a great, wonderful, fantastic, loving night.

Monday, August 3, 2009

been awhile

realized it has been a month since i have blogged. man time flies. i think, oh i'll do it tomorrow, then i never do. so here is blog to let you know that i do still exist. k, great, have a nice day. i'll write more in a day or two........