Saturday, October 18, 2008

classes, classes, classes

hey, whats up? just thought i would try to catch up a little bit. never have time to just sit and type. lets see, we had our baptisms last Sunday. it went very well. we had half the church filled with friends and family, that was awesome!!! even more so, the experience was. we had dinner at aunt Carla's after that and it went well also. a little scary when u mix families sometimes. a very good day it was. we now start taking classes tomorrow at church to learn more and to become members is the goal. very exciting.

Last Thursday the DCFS lady was here to inspect the house. that also went very well. we actually started our classes today. the last for 9 weeks on Saturdays. it is definitely gonna be a challenge, but it will be worth it. for those of you that know me, i am a freak about planning and such, so this scheduling classes and homework for this class, the one at church, and my health class, and 2 jobs is about to send me over the edge planning wise. revise, revise, revise!!!! at least it is a good busy, and nothing like we used to be. you know that planning thing, i already have a crib, you know 3-5 months in advance. not too early. it was just such a good deal. and i am a little excited. it won't be without hard work as we know. we just cant wait too help.

i am going to see my nieces heaven and cass tomorrow. i can't wait!! i have gotten to see my other nieces and nephews a couple times this week. so, we are gonna squeeze some time out to get some love from them.

i realized tonite, that i really am starting to care a lot for the guy i am taking care of. i am taking him lunch tomorrow-lasagna, garlic bread, and a slice of pumpkin pie. he is so nice and caring. always teasing me. the little things with him are appreciated soooooo much. little milestones that matter. he drinks (used too) cola alll day and night. i have been after him to drink water and for the last few days, he has!!! there has been soda in his fridge all week!! yes i know it's little, but he is listening and hopefully gonna help him in the long run. we play cards or Yahtzee every time i am there. he really gets so excited that even i get excited and smiley. its awesome. his back was hurting him really bad today and you could see the pain on his face, and it actually really hurt my feelings for him. gonna pray extra hard tonight.

i am also already planning my thanksgiving meal. we have anew recipe book and i am making several things out of it. i am very excited about that!!! i love to cook big meals for lots of people. it is unfortunate that i cant do it more often for our friends. life is just busy for all. i hate that saying...makes me crazy...time just goes sooo fast and i don't want it to get past anyone i love!!!

well, i guess i should be reading either my health or foster training book. the week will be up before you know it.

wishing you all the very best...have a great week and show or tell everyone you love that you do!!!! til i write again....Tina

Sunday, October 12, 2008

hi all!! me again. you know the one who has had a chance to catch up with herself. had a few days off of both little jobs, the house ic clean, carpets shampooed, etc. we are awaiting the visit from the DCFS worker to inspect our house. we are trying to become foster parents!! we just really want to help. so why not start with the innocent children? we'll see, it takes quite awhile and i am not much for patience, better now than i ever have been.

we are getting ready for church this morning. we are getting Baptized!! i am actually not even very nervous like i usually would be. my mom is coming, some of our friends, my sis-n-law with her hubby and 5 kids, an aunt from bloomington, and our uncle is also getting baptized. should be a wonderful fulfilling day!

My mom has/is really unhappy/sad. that is a story tooooo long for me to even begin to type but i made her a cd of Christian songs, bought her a couple books about faith and such, and a journal. I hope they help her find herself again.

well, need to get off here and shower and pack my extra clothes. i wish you all the best of days...tina

Monday, October 6, 2008

busy, busy, busy

hey!!, man, it has been awhile since i have actually been able to sit long enough to type anything!!! not only do i work at the store uptown, but now i take care of a handicapped man for about an hour and a half 6 days a week. he is very sweet and like a child. i pretty much had to wear a hazmat suit at first(so not kidding), but now it's clean and getting organized. it is uplifting to help someone!! makes me even more grateful for everything i am and have(not material stuff).

life is wonderful...this is the weekend we are getting baptized. we are having a dinner at our aunt's after. really hoping that all my family will come and be with me. I am really hoping that my family can get back on track and be a real family. really supporting, loving, trusting, and reliable(not just going thru the motions). not to mention that since our wedding (and the breaking of my neck-2yrs ago) it is the last time our families have been together. hopefully until thanksgiving, because i am having it at my house. we'll see, i am hopeful.
any suggestions would be appreciated on helping this along would be wonderful.

so, back to breaking my neck. i was stupidly intoxicated and thought it would be a great idea to dive from the ladder about a foot above the pool into 4 ft of water. did not call 911-another stupid thing. i don't remember anything but the pain. and ooohhh the pain. indescribable. i am so blessed and thankful that i am ok. i have no long term issues from it. no surgeries or anything. only had to wear the collar for 4 months!! definitely a miracle. i didn't live like i was appreciative, but now i am!!!

well, the big boy is on his way home for lunch, so i am gonna go for now. can't wait to give him a hug!! hope you all have a blessed wonderful day!!! talk to you soon.