Tuesday, September 30, 2008

off to work...

well, good morning all!!! hope you are having a blessed day. the weather is awesome, i love the chilly mornings, makes me feel alive. when i am usually lazy int he mornings this weather makes me move. i have already showered, walked the boyz with fur twice what i normally do, and made several phone calls. i am off to work at noon. i actually am putting in 23 hours this week. not much to some, but that is the most if more than 5 years for me. i drag my feet going, but once i am there, i really enjoy it. a lot of little old ladies come and and chat-makes their day and mine. as for the big boy, he really made my day, i got up this morning to find a note that said"good morning hope your day is blessed i love you"!!!! man, i smiled so big and i feel so loved. you know, it really is the simple things. we have really been through a positive change in the last 6-7 weeks. we started going to church, got saved,are getting baptized in a couple weeks, and joining the church. it has been the most peaceful, relaxing, wonderful feeling ever. our church is so relaxed and the pastor is down to earth, it just feels right. anyway, not to go on and on, but just rying to express the good feelings. ohh and by the way, i seen a mistake i made in the last blog, i said "foreproof" and i meant fireproof". that's what i get for being in a hurry and not proofreading. well off to do a little more around the house before i go, wishing you alll the best, Tina

Saturday, September 27, 2008

man was it hot!!!!

well, it is 10;30 and we are finally getting to rest, uugghhh. just took the kids with fur for a walk, they had so much energy built up we were basically jogging, to make up to them for us being gone a lot today. it was soooo hot at the apple and pork fest!!! i can't even describe the feeling except for now i know what a chicken feels like above a fire. i love to watch people, and ohhh the people. that was the busiest i have ever seen it. my crazy niece stood in line for well over and hour for kettle corn!!!!!! no way, not ever, would i wait that long in line. the food and drink lines were just as long, so we ate at hardees. wow have their burgers changed and they bring your food to you!! who knew, not me. we stopped going there years ago when the food was DISGUSTING. suppose they'll pay me for the free advertisement, amybe some free burgers? lol, anyway, didn't buy anything except a beaded necklace with a cross on it. had several compliments on it all day. we came home long enuff to sneak in a short nap (or heat exhaustion whichever it was). then off to the movie "foreproof". it was really good, not dry eye in the place, even the boys were crying. a really good show for married or single people alike. it is amazing how right on the feeling of peace and love you actually feel. so, off to the couch for a few before hitting the hay...good night
good morning! well a good start into the weekend. made some homemade apple butter before the football game here last night(which i really don't get into, but my niece was dancing and a cousin was playing, so what do you do?), then after made a huge pot of homemade veg-beef soup. yummy yummy!!! the soup is for after church tomorrow. we are on our way to the apple and pork festival in clinton in a few minutes. the hubby, mom-n-law, and one of my nieces. can't wait for the fall feeling, so many pumpkins and scarecrows, i love it-wooohooo!!! tonight we are going tot he movie fireproof with our church, i am also very excited about that. it is gonna be really good. i will let you know what i think tomorrow or monday. so, you know that with all this running, the laundry and the dishes are piling up, uugghhh. oh well, quality time first!! i hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the awesome weather!!! smile, hakuna-matata(no worries for those who haven't seen lion king), and have a blessed day...talk to you all later......

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

happy tuesday!!

good morning all--hope u r having a wonderful day. just sitting here listening to Ellen. today is the beginning of my temp job. it is 4 days one week and 5 the next, lasting about 8 weeks. my boyz are gonna be so mad at me. i feel a lot of acting out coming on. can't wait!!! the weekend went really well. i did get everything done and had a good time with the family on Saturday. the hay rack ride lasted about an hour this time and kyle actually got to ride with me instead of driving. the day with friends was a bust on Sunday...we had a few that didn't cancel, but i told them just to enjoy the day and not worry about coming. it was actually nice to relax.

well, complete change of subject...my cuz dillon is at the driver's license bureau right now getting his license. not a big deal to some, but i took care of him when he was born. i can't believe how fast these kids are growing up (and how old we are getting)!!! time sure waits for nothing.

anyone else really happy that this is premier week? back to the weekly schedule of the TV. not that it is a priority, but we watch when we can. i have to record dancing with the stars because it conflicts with other shows we watch.

well, i could talk forever today. might have to get back on later this eve only after i send the pics to everyone who is waiting for them. i will get it done!!! gotta get ready to go...hope you have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

hi all...well here I go again rambling. hope everyone is having a great day today. I was blessed with good company most of the day and then a pleasant surprise visit from my nieces and nephews. I have gotten all my cleaning done (amazing in itself, the ADD usually kicks in and I have started 12 things and get 2 done), walked the little boyz, and now ready to pamper myself with all the girly stuff we women have to do, you know shave, pluck, bleach, paint nails, etc...while Kyle is at the church helping lay tile. All my lists are ready for tomorrow's venture of grocery shopping-wooohooo. For those of you who don't know me, I hardly get to leave town, so grocery getting (as mundane as some people see it) is a wonderful day to me. In fact, I will up pretty much all night with anticipation of leaving, sad huh? oh well, I am easy to please. Another thing I am doing tomorrow is taking food to the mission in Bloomington. They are usually feeding 800 people this time of year and they are feeding 6,000!!! How sad to me. I called and talked to them and asked what they needed most right now. The lady said canned soup, veggies, fruit, and jelly along with lunch meat and cheese for the sack lunches they give out. So, if you are in the bloomington area and feel the need to help, PLEASE DO!! We all have it much better than we think. A few can of this and that will feed someone. I hope to help on a regular basis and hope that with the help of my friends and family, we can make a difference. I remember growing up very poor and a lot of times the donated stuff was all we ate. Anyway, I am hoping to make a difference. Well wish you all the best and hope you have a great evening!!! Tina

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Giving it a try

Ok, I am very new to this, but I am giving it a try. First I would like to say that I would love your comments and feedback. I spend a lot of time alone so I hope I do not bore you with the hum drum of my life, but this will help keep my busy. Hey and before you know it, you just might think I am crazy. Which, most of my firends already know that. Today is sort of the calm before the storm. Tomorrow I have to clean house really good for the weekend. We have two huge get togethers over the weekend. Friday, my mom-n-law, sister-n-law and I are going to groceries and out for dinner. When I say groceries, I mean like a church bus full of groceries. We will end up leaving with half of walmart and aldis. Firday night, my dearest friend's mom will have been gone for a year. We are getting together for coffee and love at her grave that evening, spending some time with her friends and family. I can't begin to feel her loss of friendship, support, and unconditional love. I am hoping that she will feel the love and support from all of us to help her and her sister through, not just now, but forever. ok, now that my eyes are filled with ginormous tears..I am moving on. Saturday we have a fall family picnic at the Sibley Lake Park for my husbands side of the family, which includes a weenie roast, hay rack ride, chili, and all the good stuff fall has to offer along with the company of the family we don't get to see very much. Then on Sunday, we are having "a day with friends". We invited all our friends and their kiddies. There are a lot of kids with them all, and with any luck, one of the will take care of me when i am old and crusty. We are grilling and roasting hot dogs. Anyway, just to celebrate friends, kids, life and love. My goal is to do this often to keep everyone close forever. So that sums up the rest of my week. Did I mention that I am a habitual planner and list writer? I have more lists than Carter had liver pills...no really I do...there is the groc list split into sections for each store (frozen, produce, etc), there is the list of who is coming, what to take (food untesils, me), a list of cleaning I want to do, a list of what to do on Monday after the fact, and, and, and, lists everywhere...see I am crazy!!! Oh in that same notebook is the budget from now til december, Christmas list ideas, the girly get together I am trying to plan for next month, the cookie exchange in december, the Halloween party list of everything needed for it, list of songs that I am gonna burn to a cd, man...when I write it here it sounds a little nuts, too bad there are even more lists in it that I have not mentioned. Oh well, have to keep my brain straight, or no sleepy sleep time!! Well, that's it for now I guess. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed day!!