Sunday, February 14, 2010

Been gone for awhile and have a new camera! Look out pic posts!



Kyle laying on the dead spot at the church superbowl party.  It was a tricky track on a little bike. 

I was messing with the new camera, but i really like this pic!

Kyle was painting M's room and he was doing some graffiti...

A picture of Kyle giving his first "message!"  Thanks to the pic taker!  He is becoming a Pastor!

and last but not least, this is me when i was a kid!! 

Hello, it's me again!

You are looking at the ingredients of an award winningsandwich - for real!
It is ciabata (sp) bread, pepper jack cheese, delicious ham lunch meat, a big pepperoni, a slice of bacon, shredded lettuce, green and red pepper rings, tomato, pepperoncini shreds, red onion rings, and a decent squirt of zesty italian dressing!
All done except the top!

Finished product!  Delicioso!!
The best part is that the money we won from this sandwich we gave back to our youth group and we are going to buy silicone bracelets to sell as a fundraiser!!  Food with a purpose, what could be better??  Besides a granny cake to go with it!  Never buy one if you haven't eaten it before--they are wonderfully addictive.  Don't say i didn't warn you!