Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well, suppose we all have survived the holiday. Some better than others. The night before Thanksgiving, I was running crazy cleaning and preparing food, listening to music, talking tons with the hubby. Decided to check my myspace page and to my amazement, i find out that my whole family, which i had invited here originally, were getting together without me. While saddened by this, it was a little expected. Thanksgiving was a really good day. We ate, visited, played games, ate, ate, oh and did i mention ate some food. Me and the boyz crashed as soon as everyone left. Chili was not so happy with 17 people in the house. He only wanted him momma. Zeus on the other hand was loving it!! So many ears to lick-i know he's crazy-so many kids to play with. Even at one point the kids were throwing him in the air with a blanket. A good day with family.

Friday I went shopping with my mom-n-law and one of my nieces miss dis(nickname). We left later in the morning and it wasn't as crazy as i ever thought of. That was my first time going. Of course it was torture because I had no money to shop with. But it was nice to get out and watch people and eat lunch out.

Saturday we had the 7th of 10 classes. It's going pretty quick. It was also my birthday. A ripe old age of 36 now. Oh, well, with age comes wisdom, right? A lot of people called and emailed me to tell me happy birthday. It was nice to hear from everyone. I was disappointed because I wanted to get a few of our close friends together-not even for the b-day thing, just because it's been too long, and it didn't work out for anyone. Time just keeps ticking away. Maybe it will work out soon....

Sunday we stayed home from church. It is the first day since the beginning of October that we have not had to get up and leave in the morning. It was awesome!!!!!!! I forgot what it felt like to be home all day. Which is kind of a good thing because with all the eating i did today, I would be a lot

My kitchen decor has a new addition to it. Some friends of mine made me a painting. It is sooooo neat. A hidden message in it and all. Everyone loved it on Thanksgiving. Fits perfectly!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

I have to make a billion cookies this week for the cookie day we do every year. I have a list of all I am doing, and hope they all turn out good. At least my kitchen is three times the size now, makes it easier. We have been doing it for almost 20 years now. Last year we did almost 100 plates. Little plates sor single, regular plate for family. I enjoy watching the few of my most favorite older people just smile and glow when we hand it to them. Love the hugs I get that day.

We watched a movie today called the ultimate gift. It was really, really good. definitely an eye opener for some i am sure. If you get time watch it!!

Well off to change the laundry around yet again and do some reading before sleep time. Hope you all have a great week! Take Care.......................

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

thanksgiving prayer

This is exactly what I wanted to say!!!


My Thanksgiving prayer
to you from me;
Is for love strong and true
that you hold within thee.

A heart that beats steady
and holds love within;
For your brothers and sisters
and all creatures by Him.

A soul that is worthy
of all of His love;
That is given to you
from the Heavens above.

Food on your table
that you thank the Lord for;
Friends to surround you
forever and more.

A house filled with love
and the light how it shines;
Showing all of its beauty
till the end of time.

Kindness towards others
for all of your days;
To be returned I pray
in many a way.

A good job to keep you
and pay all your bills;
That you spend it all wisely
and not on the frills.

A family around you
that is loving and true;
That you all stand together
for there are so few.

Children to bless you
if that is God's will;
To cherish and nourish
so your life is fulfilled.

Dreams of pure beauty
as you lay there and sleep;
Through the peaceful night
when darkness is deep.

An angel to guide you
through morning and night;
To protect you and love you
till the end of your plight.

And last but most important
your love for God will shine through;
To the Heavens above
for He's waiting for you.

Amen and God bless!

Judy N. Marquart
© November 2002

Monday, November 24, 2008

start of another week...

good morning all...hope you had had a great weekend!!!! it was nice being with the fam and laughing it up(along with freezing ur rearend off watching the lighted parade) saturday. the parade was good, but it keeps getting shorter and shorter. i am sure with the expense of everything else, who is thinking of adding more.

ready for thanksgiving? i suurrreee ammmm!!!!!!!! laying out my turkey today and getting my bread drying for the dressing. and i guess i am a little more thanksful this year for everything.

gotta do some cleaning then go work at Ralph's from 1-3. gonna make supper and take him some and set up one of my 3 foot trees at his house and decorate it and watch Christmas Vacation with him. he loves the movie and he loves Christmas. he doesnt have any family that really does anything for the holidays so....i cant wait to see the bog kid smile on his face....

well, gonna get busy...hope you all have a safe and blessed week...enjoy your family....

Friday, November 21, 2008

look out lots to say....

hey, well, it's been a while again...i am sooo busy lately...i just posted some pics on my myspace ( of the festival of trees that my mom-n-law and i went to yesterday. it was sooo nice, and it helped the baby fold in bloomington that my niece went to school at for years. the trees were very pretty, we sang Christmas songs loudly all the way home. definitely in the spirit. for the first time ever, i am not worried about gifts. if i can get them fine, and if not, oh well. gifts are not the reason. i will be happy to be with my family and be glad we are all together. i don't feel the holiday pressure at all. i am loving the lights, taking to strangers, smiling to everyone, and trying to make a difference. of course some of u r thinking "well u dont have kids", but really, honestly, i think i would feel the same way. if i did have kids i would prob feel more that way. i would influence them to give to people before wanting for themselves. i am trying to do that with my nieces and it's not working so well. they mad their huge Christmas list and i suggested that they buy for children in need and they looked at me like i was crazy!! which maybe i am, but i just see soooo many things that people need and i am wanting to make a difference, HUGELY!!!!

which leads me to my next thing. i am in the process of building a website that lists the smaller places and the smaller needs of communities. the perfect website to give is is just what i wanted to do on a larger level. i want to encourage people to give all year round, like 5-10$ a month all year. we all waste more than that. people don't just need at the holidays, it is just more focused on. i really feel the need to get this done. i want it to be as big as it can be. like to list the churches, food pantries, and such in small towns all over illinois(to start with) that need stuff to help people. i am broke, but you know, no matter how broke, i have wayyyyy more than a lot of people. emotionally, financially, family, love, etc... i just want to do something that makes a, there is so much i want to say, but i don't want to bore you...

now on to other stuff...wooohooo the lighted holiday parade is tomorrow!!! i agree with snot head. the lights, the love, the excitement...even the cold is part of it...

my mom-n-laws long time friend had a heart attack after having a heart cath and stints put in. i really hope she is ok and all goes well, for her, her hubby, and her family. wishing them the best.

well, guess i should get busy. no time just sit type all my feelings out, that would take days and days....wishing you all the best and a wonderful day!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


hey all...a lot going on around here...the sadness is awful, the ?'s, the not understanding. the visitation is tomorrow night which we will be going too. they are awful. with most of us, it puts us back at the loss of a loved one.

then after that my sister is bringing my niece heaven over to stay the weekend with us. i am excited, maybe even more so since the latest happenings. you just never know what can happen. i want them (and everyone that i love) that i love them and value them in my life. this is the first time in along time taht she will be without cass, her little sister. we have to have a sitter for sat morning because that will be the 5th of the 9 classes for our foster parenting classes. how exciting...i can't wait to help the life of a child(ren). to show love and have them feel safe without being hurt, hungry, or sad. and yes, i know a lot goes along with it, but we are focusing on the good parts.

went with my mom-n-law last night to the red cross to become volunteers. kyle is also. anyhting we can do to help the fellow man. we are gonna provide disaster relief. 1st starting here and then maybe nationwide depending on the above conversation. of course there are classes to take at every level.

well, as usual i could talk forever. was talking kyle's ear off while home for lunch, talked to both my sister and my sister-n-law already today, and a friend for just a few minutes. i have to go work at ralph's today. kyle was off work yesterday and we surprised him with a cup of coffee and a couple games of yahtzee. he loves that game. he is so neat to be around. no matter what you are feeling, you leave there with a big smile on your face and love in your heart.

don't know about the rest of you, but from now til new years is packed!! heaven this weekend, class and the lighted parade next weekend-which i am too help the church with the tree for the festival of trees and make chili to sell that night. that night our family always gets together for dinner and watched the parade together. the 20th my mom-n-law goes back to the dr about her arteries in her leg. the next weekend is my birthday and movie night at the church. i am having thanksgiving here for kyle's family here on the 27th and then a full thanksgiving on the 30th here with my family. then the 6th of dec is cookie day and dinner with my friend and the girls for her mom's b-day. then the 13th is the last class for foster care and the festival of lights in peoria-that i am going to for the first time ever!!! woooohoooo. and, and, and....guess you really don't care what i have going on in detail. it's just me blabbing on and on....and on..and one to talk to at this minute so i am babbling.

wishing you all the love and peace your heart can feel. hug your loved ones, kiss your spouse, and tell everyone you love them. have a blessed day!!! give me a shout if ya get a chance...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

today...sadness, sickness

as i sit here and think of the loss the mom's of these girls are feeling, i am sick. it feels like a punch in the stomach every time when i think of them already having Christmas presents for them. waiting for them to come in after school and throw their book bags down and get on the phone from the girlfriends they just left. 8th grade graduation, drivers license, prom, graduation, college, marriage, grandkids, i am sickened in the heart. sickened by the hugs, kisses, tears of joy and pain these moms are not gonna get to share with the people who are supposed to outlive them. a terrible tragedy that has hurt the community and people you dont even realize. i know God has a plan. and sometimes pain is a part of that, but it doenst make it any easier to deal with. the only thing is that they dont have to wait a whole year to have the first the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentines day without them. I am not a mom, but my heart aches and aches and is broken into many pieces for the loss they are feeling. and their families and friends. sometimes friends are your chosen family. and the pain of loss is just sometimes too much.....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

slowing down

hey all!!! wow, where do i even start? guess would be the feelings of sadness for my friends that are feeling so much pain in the heart about their mom, and the loss that momma b was talking about. i haven't had much time lately and don't want anyone to feel like i don't care...iiiiii doooooo!!!! i have also lost my dad already and the newer, improved me wishes that i would have felt this way a long time ago and had been able to tell him. so i understand. i look back and things were not near as bad as i thought then or even a few years ago. all in what you experience i guess. anyway, i am feeling the sadness for them.

as of today, i am just a volunteer at the store again, so i will be home A LOT more!!! i am sooo happy about that. again, i haven't had much time to talk to my friends lately, so this will be nice. i am still taking care of my buddy. but that is only like 10 hours a week.

this saturday will be the 4th class of 10. almost half way!! they started out being common sense, and for the most part still is, but i am really glad they are a requirement. the different scenarios will help me step back and think, when we do have kids, of what they have been thru and feeling. i have started doing this for everyone since the classes started. it's not black and white with these kids-they have a truckload of luggage wrapped with twice as many feelings they don't know how to deal with. i know we can make a difference.

brace yourselves---i have allllll of my Christmas stuff up as of today!! inside and outside lights, tree, all of it. i know, i know, it's early, but i love the lights and why not? and when everyone else is doing it when it is 30 degrees out, our will be done. i have some friends coming tomorrow and the theme is giving, so why not have the spirit with us? also, my feelings of Christmas are much different than ever before. am making a few goodies for the get together tomorrow. choc chip pumpkin cookies, a cheese ball, pumpkin bars, and maybe some popcorn bars. not sure yet.

i am listening to the election in the background....uugghhhh....can't wait for it to be over and am really disappointed about obama. have some reservations about him. and that's all i am gonna say about that. you know the politics thing...tends to make people angry.

well, guess i will go for now since i will have more time again, wishing you all the best in all you do!!!! TTFN!!!!