Thursday, May 14, 2009


howdy hoo!!! how is life? great, great, glad to hear it!! been lost in "no time for the computer" land. which is kinda nice in a way. i don't feel as tho i waste my days. we have another girl living in our house. all i can really say is she is 17 (but functions at a much lower level). she is wonderful.. We are so glad she is here. sorry for the trauma she has been thru, but nonetheless, glad she is here. hoping and praying that we can make a difference.

so now there are three school different school schedules!! good thing the calendar is my best friend. tina is my name, planning is my so along with the people coming here for heaven, our workers coming, now we have her workers coming and other people for her. i think we need one of those revolving kidding. just come and go as you need to. adults of course, not the kiddies.

just been getting the routine under way. they all 3 need and must have routines to survive. and of course meee tooo!!

our house from empty to full. real fast. now i see why papi wants 7 or 8. i can totally see it. so on that note. the chore chart is being completed really soon!! (it has to be written for them to follow-and me too) .

and i am still doing the church bulletin and such. which i love that also.

kyle is off work tomorrow...appt's out the ying yang. starting at 8:30am. and groceries. have i mentioned that we now have 3 kids...whew, my list has grown considerably. which I AM NOT COMPLAINING, just stating. life has changed so much for us. and it ROCKS!!! the pain and frustrations sometimes overwhelm me but, it is so worth it. or will be. guess cass is going home the day school is out. supposedly, but that could change at anytime also.

well off to bloomington soon with the mom-n-law for her dr appt. so, that is what i ahve been up too!! i see the others of you have had some awesome experiences at work, no sleep from the storms, projects being completed, and sick kids and hubbies. such is life huh? well, miss you all and talk to you soon!!!

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