Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good morning!!!! hope you all had a great monday!! i figured i would take some time to write before i dive into my to do list. I wonder if i will ever be caught up, and what that would feel like? to have everything done? uuummm, can't imagine.

things went very well with heaven this morning. i am almost amazed. usually the transition is awful for her. she was really good this morning!! that makes for a good day. we have her counseling tonite so that is good also. then tomorrow night is the Ladies Aid!! woohooo!! some grown up girl time. that will be nice. maybe that fix the itch that i have about traveling. i am feeling so drawn (more than ever) to go somewhere. I WANT TO SEE A BEACH!!! i was looking last night and considering going by myself. i looked at trains and greyhound. i don't even care if i ride all the way there for one night (meaning sunset and sunrise over the water) and then ride home. they say they help people with issues(disability is just too strong of a word for me). so i could just run away for a few days. of course there is nothing more i would like than someone to go with, but not sure anyone can/will. we have some friends that have a camper thought about that so kyle would go with, but he doesnt want to take a bus (which is tons cheaper than i thought). see, i do NOT fly!!!! anyway, as you can see, my mind is running crazy and i promise you i will see a beach on the ocean by the end of this year!!!!!!! alone or not!!! i have been looking at the atlas for a few days trying to figure out where...i dont want a major tourist attraction, just a simple town with some shoreline...

enuff of the dreaming for now. have work to do!! wish you all the best!!!

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Snot Head said...

If I weren't trying to plan this wedding and budget a travel honeymoon of my own, I would be all for it. Just a few days of quiet with the waves rolling in, the warm sun. I understand why you are antsy. This weather has been ridiculous, and you just want to be able to enjoy the outdoors. It's about enough of the being couped up indoors! Good luck!