Tuesday, September 23, 2008

happy tuesday!!

good morning all--hope u r having a wonderful day. just sitting here listening to Ellen. today is the beginning of my temp job. it is 4 days one week and 5 the next, lasting about 8 weeks. my boyz are gonna be so mad at me. i feel a lot of acting out coming on. can't wait!!! the weekend went really well. i did get everything done and had a good time with the family on Saturday. the hay rack ride lasted about an hour this time and kyle actually got to ride with me instead of driving. the day with friends was a bust on Sunday...we had a few that didn't cancel, but i told them just to enjoy the day and not worry about coming. it was actually nice to relax.

well, complete change of subject...my cuz dillon is at the driver's license bureau right now getting his license. not a big deal to some, but i took care of him when he was born. i can't believe how fast these kids are growing up (and how old we are getting)!!! time sure waits for nothing.

anyone else really happy that this is premier week? back to the weekly schedule of the TV. not that it is a priority, but we watch when we can. i have to record dancing with the stars because it conflicts with other shows we watch.

well, i could talk forever today. might have to get back on later this eve only after i send the pics to everyone who is waiting for them. i will get it done!!! gotta get ready to go...hope you have a blessed day!!!

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