Saturday, September 27, 2008

man was it hot!!!!

well, it is 10;30 and we are finally getting to rest, uugghhh. just took the kids with fur for a walk, they had so much energy built up we were basically jogging, to make up to them for us being gone a lot today. it was soooo hot at the apple and pork fest!!! i can't even describe the feeling except for now i know what a chicken feels like above a fire. i love to watch people, and ohhh the people. that was the busiest i have ever seen it. my crazy niece stood in line for well over and hour for kettle corn!!!!!! no way, not ever, would i wait that long in line. the food and drink lines were just as long, so we ate at hardees. wow have their burgers changed and they bring your food to you!! who knew, not me. we stopped going there years ago when the food was DISGUSTING. suppose they'll pay me for the free advertisement, amybe some free burgers? lol, anyway, didn't buy anything except a beaded necklace with a cross on it. had several compliments on it all day. we came home long enuff to sneak in a short nap (or heat exhaustion whichever it was). then off to the movie "foreproof". it was really good, not dry eye in the place, even the boys were crying. a really good show for married or single people alike. it is amazing how right on the feeling of peace and love you actually feel. so, off to the couch for a few before hitting the hay...good night

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Momma B said...

I sure bet you are beat this morning! It will be draggin' all the way to the shower to get ready for church! Have fun with that! I went to bed at 8:30 and read for a bit before trying to sleep at 9:30! Crazy, huh? I am still tired today! Have a great day! I am trying to decide what to do with this long, long day ahead of me!!!