Tuesday, September 30, 2008

off to work...

well, good morning all!!! hope you are having a blessed day. the weather is awesome, i love the chilly mornings, makes me feel alive. when i am usually lazy int he mornings this weather makes me move. i have already showered, walked the boyz with fur twice what i normally do, and made several phone calls. i am off to work at noon. i actually am putting in 23 hours this week. not much to some, but that is the most if more than 5 years for me. i drag my feet going, but once i am there, i really enjoy it. a lot of little old ladies come and and chat-makes their day and mine. as for the big boy, he really made my day, i got up this morning to find a note that said"good morning hope your day is blessed i love you"!!!! man, i smiled so big and i feel so loved. you know, it really is the simple things. we have really been through a positive change in the last 6-7 weeks. we started going to church, got saved,are getting baptized in a couple weeks, and joining the church. it has been the most peaceful, relaxing, wonderful feeling ever. our church is so relaxed and the pastor is down to earth, it just feels right. anyway, not to go on and on, but just rying to express the good feelings. ohh and by the way, i seen a mistake i made in the last blog, i said "foreproof" and i meant fireproof". that's what i get for being in a hurry and not proofreading. well off to do a little more around the house before i go, wishing you alll the best, Tina

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Momma B said...

Man do I miss my C R A Z Y friend! I feel you as I read your posts, but it can not make up for the lack of seeing you! The note from "the big boy" is a huge change from just 2 months ago! I sure am proud of him for stepping up and latching on to something he believes in! It is wonderful!

On the other hand, I know which kid you will get! I am just giving up one for now! If he does not stop peeing the bed and telling me it is just because he "did not get up!" I am done for! He is done for! And, the damned mattress is really done for! I don't know how much more I can take!

Have a wonderful time at work and the next time I see you I will have a NEW HAIRCUT! Yes, that is the most exciting thing about today!!!