Sunday, October 12, 2008

hi all!! me again. you know the one who has had a chance to catch up with herself. had a few days off of both little jobs, the house ic clean, carpets shampooed, etc. we are awaiting the visit from the DCFS worker to inspect our house. we are trying to become foster parents!! we just really want to help. so why not start with the innocent children? we'll see, it takes quite awhile and i am not much for patience, better now than i ever have been.

we are getting ready for church this morning. we are getting Baptized!! i am actually not even very nervous like i usually would be. my mom is coming, some of our friends, my sis-n-law with her hubby and 5 kids, an aunt from bloomington, and our uncle is also getting baptized. should be a wonderful fulfilling day!

My mom has/is really unhappy/sad. that is a story tooooo long for me to even begin to type but i made her a cd of Christian songs, bought her a couple books about faith and such, and a journal. I hope they help her find herself again.

well, need to get off here and shower and pack my extra clothes. i wish you all the best of days...tina

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