Monday, October 6, 2008

busy, busy, busy

hey!!, man, it has been awhile since i have actually been able to sit long enough to type anything!!! not only do i work at the store uptown, but now i take care of a handicapped man for about an hour and a half 6 days a week. he is very sweet and like a child. i pretty much had to wear a hazmat suit at first(so not kidding), but now it's clean and getting organized. it is uplifting to help someone!! makes me even more grateful for everything i am and have(not material stuff).

life is wonderful...this is the weekend we are getting baptized. we are having a dinner at our aunt's after. really hoping that all my family will come and be with me. I am really hoping that my family can get back on track and be a real family. really supporting, loving, trusting, and reliable(not just going thru the motions). not to mention that since our wedding (and the breaking of my neck-2yrs ago) it is the last time our families have been together. hopefully until thanksgiving, because i am having it at my house. we'll see, i am hopeful.
any suggestions would be appreciated on helping this along would be wonderful.

so, back to breaking my neck. i was stupidly intoxicated and thought it would be a great idea to dive from the ladder about a foot above the pool into 4 ft of water. did not call 911-another stupid thing. i don't remember anything but the pain. and ooohhh the pain. indescribable. i am so blessed and thankful that i am ok. i have no long term issues from it. no surgeries or anything. only had to wear the collar for 4 months!! definitely a miracle. i didn't live like i was appreciative, but now i am!!!

well, the big boy is on his way home for lunch, so i am gonna go for now. can't wait to give him a hug!! hope you all have a blessed wonderful day!!! talk to you soon.

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Momma B said...

busy, busy, busy, just seems to be a theme lately!