Thursday, November 13, 2008


hey all...a lot going on around here...the sadness is awful, the ?'s, the not understanding. the visitation is tomorrow night which we will be going too. they are awful. with most of us, it puts us back at the loss of a loved one.

then after that my sister is bringing my niece heaven over to stay the weekend with us. i am excited, maybe even more so since the latest happenings. you just never know what can happen. i want them (and everyone that i love) that i love them and value them in my life. this is the first time in along time taht she will be without cass, her little sister. we have to have a sitter for sat morning because that will be the 5th of the 9 classes for our foster parenting classes. how exciting...i can't wait to help the life of a child(ren). to show love and have them feel safe without being hurt, hungry, or sad. and yes, i know a lot goes along with it, but we are focusing on the good parts.

went with my mom-n-law last night to the red cross to become volunteers. kyle is also. anyhting we can do to help the fellow man. we are gonna provide disaster relief. 1st starting here and then maybe nationwide depending on the above conversation. of course there are classes to take at every level.

well, as usual i could talk forever. was talking kyle's ear off while home for lunch, talked to both my sister and my sister-n-law already today, and a friend for just a few minutes. i have to go work at ralph's today. kyle was off work yesterday and we surprised him with a cup of coffee and a couple games of yahtzee. he loves that game. he is so neat to be around. no matter what you are feeling, you leave there with a big smile on your face and love in your heart.

don't know about the rest of you, but from now til new years is packed!! heaven this weekend, class and the lighted parade next weekend-which i am too help the church with the tree for the festival of trees and make chili to sell that night. that night our family always gets together for dinner and watched the parade together. the 20th my mom-n-law goes back to the dr about her arteries in her leg. the next weekend is my birthday and movie night at the church. i am having thanksgiving here for kyle's family here on the 27th and then a full thanksgiving on the 30th here with my family. then the 6th of dec is cookie day and dinner with my friend and the girls for her mom's b-day. then the 13th is the last class for foster care and the festival of lights in peoria-that i am going to for the first time ever!!! woooohoooo. and, and, and....guess you really don't care what i have going on in detail. it's just me blabbing on and on....and on..and one to talk to at this minute so i am babbling.

wishing you all the love and peace your heart can feel. hug your loved ones, kiss your spouse, and tell everyone you love them. have a blessed day!!! give me a shout if ya get a chance...