Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well, suppose we all have survived the holiday. Some better than others. The night before Thanksgiving, I was running crazy cleaning and preparing food, listening to music, talking tons with the hubby. Decided to check my myspace page and to my amazement, i find out that my whole family, which i had invited here originally, were getting together without me. While saddened by this, it was a little expected. Thanksgiving was a really good day. We ate, visited, played games, ate, ate, oh and did i mention ate some food. Me and the boyz crashed as soon as everyone left. Chili was not so happy with 17 people in the house. He only wanted him momma. Zeus on the other hand was loving it!! So many ears to lick-i know he's crazy-so many kids to play with. Even at one point the kids were throwing him in the air with a blanket. A good day with family.

Friday I went shopping with my mom-n-law and one of my nieces miss dis(nickname). We left later in the morning and it wasn't as crazy as i ever thought of. That was my first time going. Of course it was torture because I had no money to shop with. But it was nice to get out and watch people and eat lunch out.

Saturday we had the 7th of 10 classes. It's going pretty quick. It was also my birthday. A ripe old age of 36 now. Oh, well, with age comes wisdom, right? A lot of people called and emailed me to tell me happy birthday. It was nice to hear from everyone. I was disappointed because I wanted to get a few of our close friends together-not even for the b-day thing, just because it's been too long, and it didn't work out for anyone. Time just keeps ticking away. Maybe it will work out soon....

Sunday we stayed home from church. It is the first day since the beginning of October that we have not had to get up and leave in the morning. It was awesome!!!!!!! I forgot what it felt like to be home all day. Which is kind of a good thing because with all the eating i did today, I would be a lot

My kitchen decor has a new addition to it. Some friends of mine made me a painting. It is sooooo neat. A hidden message in it and all. Everyone loved it on Thanksgiving. Fits perfectly!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

I have to make a billion cookies this week for the cookie day we do every year. I have a list of all I am doing, and hope they all turn out good. At least my kitchen is three times the size now, makes it easier. We have been doing it for almost 20 years now. Last year we did almost 100 plates. Little plates sor single, regular plate for family. I enjoy watching the few of my most favorite older people just smile and glow when we hand it to them. Love the hugs I get that day.

We watched a movie today called the ultimate gift. It was really, really good. definitely an eye opener for some i am sure. If you get time watch it!!

Well off to change the laundry around yet again and do some reading before sleep time. Hope you all have a great week! Take Care.......................

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