Tuesday, November 4, 2008

slowing down

hey all!!! wow, where do i even start? guess would be the feelings of sadness for my friends that are feeling so much pain in the heart about their mom, and the loss that momma b was talking about. i haven't had much time lately and don't want anyone to feel like i don't care...iiiiii doooooo!!!! i have also lost my dad already and the newer, improved me wishes that i would have felt this way a long time ago and had been able to tell him. so i understand. i look back and things were not near as bad as i thought then or even a few years ago. all in what you experience i guess. anyway, i am feeling the sadness for them.

as of today, i am just a volunteer at the store again, so i will be home A LOT more!!! i am sooo happy about that. again, i haven't had much time to talk to my friends lately, so this will be nice. i am still taking care of my buddy. but that is only like 10 hours a week.

this saturday will be the 4th class of 10. almost half way!! they started out being common sense, and for the most part still is, but i am really glad they are a requirement. the different scenarios will help me step back and think, when we do have kids, of what they have been thru and feeling. i have started doing this for everyone since the classes started. it's not black and white with these kids-they have a truckload of luggage wrapped with twice as many feelings they don't know how to deal with. i know we can make a difference.

brace yourselves---i have allllll of my Christmas stuff up as of today!! inside and outside lights, tree, all of it. i know, i know, it's early, but i love the lights and why not? and when everyone else is doing it when it is 30 degrees out, our will be done. i have some friends coming tomorrow and the theme is giving, so why not have the spirit with us? also, my feelings of Christmas are much different than ever before. am making a few goodies for the get together tomorrow. choc chip pumpkin cookies, a cheese ball, pumpkin bars, and maybe some popcorn bars. not sure yet.

i am listening to the election in the background....uugghhhh....can't wait for it to be over and am really disappointed about obama. have some reservations about him. and that's all i am gonna say about that. you know the politics thing...tends to make people angry.

well, guess i will go for now since i will have more time again, wishing you all the best in all you do!!!! TTFN!!!!


Snot Head said...

First of all, I know you care. Second of all, I am glad you are slowing down a bit. I was starting wonder if I should worry about how packed things were getting for you. I know you are thrilled to help, but it is good to have a break sometimes.

I completely agree with you about the foster kids. They have been through so much that many of us can not even begin to imagine. I know that things have been tough in my life, and I have dealt with them as I saw fit. I had a steady parent in my life, though, and I may never understand what a huge blessing that was. I think it is great that you are taking those classes. Even kids and people who are not foster children are not black and white. We are all so different and unique in the way react to even the same situations. It is fascinating.

Also, I drove by your house today! I said to little A, whom I had from guitar lessons, look at her! She has her Christmas tree and lights all up!! I think it is fantastic! I am rearranging (more like Big T is rearranging) the entire living room so our tree can sit in our front window like yours. I just love winter and Christmas and family. It is all soooo warm.

As far as the election goes, I wish people would stop getting so angry and defensive and start learning how to respect each others' differences. It is a free country, and we should value our differences as symbols of our uniqueness. Such a sad world we live in today.

I can't wait to see you tomorrow and all the other wonderful ladies! I'm excited about the treats, too. I appreciate you making them! ;)

Momma B said...

You're back! Good thing too, because I was starting to get stressed and feeling like maybe we were being associated with the part of your old life that you were no longer interested in.

life with my three boys said...

I would never leave you behind!! even if you were kicking and screaming the whole way, i would drag you with me!! I love and miss you sooooo much...guess I'll have to be back before you start being extra extra nice to you know who...hehehehe...can't wait to see ya tonite!!!

Momma B said...

You are a goober!