Sunday, December 14, 2008

another week over...

hey all...another week over, not many left in 2008...seems unreal. to briefly run over the week, it has been a good one i guess, we had our last of 9 classes for foster parenting saturday morning. i am sad its over, i will really miss interacting with people. i will also miss the ride and the discussions it prompted kyle and i to have. we talk a lot anyway, but it was tons more. now we just have to have one more home visit and wait for the license to come. then the kids, and even more to talk about... we have what is called an educational advocacy class this saturday. we have to take it sometime, so we chose to take it since it is the same instructors same place.

i went to ralphs today to take him his Christmas present. he is such a kid-like guy. asking me and asking me what i had for him. then when i take it to him because i feel like i am torturing him, he chooses to wait til the 24th so he has something to look forward to. i took him some coffee again and he just thinks that is the greatest. love to see him smile.

it has been such a good day. i am just overflowing with love. after a great morning at church, we spent the afternoon with my stepdaughter and since we havent seen her in awhile it was really nice to talk with her also. then we rode around and look at Christmas lights. i love to do that.

this is gonna be a busy week. kyle has to try and squeeze into parkland this week. since they are now only taking same day appt's-which really makes me angry-it is gonna be hard for him. how in the world do they expect people who work to got in there in the same day they call? kyle, like most people, has to schedule time off. gggrrrrr, that is just irritating to me. so much for the love huh? lol...

my nieces and nephews have Christmas programs 4 out of 5 nights this week. well have to see how many we can make it too. on the 28th i am keeping all 6 of my nieces and nephews for the night. i may regret it, but i want them all to know i love them and spend some special time with them before we get of them is having a really hard time with it. it's right after Christmas, so they will have plenty to do.

what's everyone doing for new years? we really dont have a clue yet. prob not much. renting movies and pizza maybe. just don't know. any resolutions going on in the minds. not me, just sets u up to feel bad if u dont do it.

oh and how can i forget this, my computer crashed--or so i thought. i had to restore it. lost everything!!!!!!!! lots of music and pics!!!!!! oh well, at least i have the computer. a little faster without all that junk on here also. i had to spend quite awhile updating it and installing messengers and stuff, but wayyyyy worth it.

well, guess i should go for now. gonna watch a movie and chill...hope you all have a great week and everyone is over their sickness...til next time...ttyl

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Momma B said...

I have not been on here in days! As Kyle may have told you by now, my phone and internet are all messed up! My phone does not work at all--still doesn't even after he came to look at it! I think they cut our line somewhere or somehow! I am getting frustrated, but I think I will live through it!

I don't have any New Year's resolutions. I never do that. Not that they don't work or are not good. It is just not something that is for me. I might just not have the time to think about it? Sure, Yep, That's It! No TIME!

Have fun with all the programs! S and Z and his buddy went to E's band thing yesterday. B and N have one tonight and as much as I want to be there, I am not so sure about that 10 degree weather with Meeeeema! They have all been sick already and the last thing I want to do is go through that again! (CROWDS!?!?!?)

Have fun with all the kids! I am going back to my crocheting projects! I have tons to do and no time to do it all in! If someone would just come and do all of my laundry and dishes and sweeping and take care of my kids, and, and, and...