Friday, January 2, 2009

howdy!! long time to not hear from me!! man, been so vusy i can't think straight!! and can u even believe that the one minute i am typing there are 6 kids in my house. yes i said 6!!! from 12-5 years old. talk about a busy times. but it is soooo nice to hear the footsteps, the laughter, the hugs...i got sooo many tonight. man, zeus is even ready to drop!

so Christmas was wonderful!! how about yours? new years eve was awesome also. nothing like the love of friends to ring the new year in. we were home just in time to count down and we danced a slow dance in the living room then went to bed. new years day, we didnt even get out of our jammies, yes we took showers, and put new ones back on. it was really nice.

with our foster classes done all we have are our classes at church for 3 more weeks , time is easing up some--at least til next week when i have 25,000 phone calls to make. my niece has been staying with us for a week now, it is an indefinite amount of time she will be here. we are anxious to help her get the counseling and the things she is needing. long, long story. but i have made several appts, and still have several to make.

well, just thought i would post something since i havent in so long...hope u all have a great day. ttyl....

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Momma B said...

I hope everything comes together for all of you and for her benefit. New Year's Eve was nice! I was having a particularly hard time with the missing my mom part though. That and the baby that would never sleep!