Friday, January 30, 2009

friday night lights....

hello hello!! been awhile again. i have been catching myself coming and going. well, i take that back, yesterday and the day before i did pretty much nothing. just chillin a bit, some down time. i just made literally like more than 1000 flashcards for us to help heaven practice her words and math. she really broke my heart again tonite. she is so down on herself. she was calling herself stupid and dumb because she didn't know how to do multiplication yet. she said"i am ten years old and i know everyone is doing more than addition and subtraction, i am too stupid too learn it". i wanted to die inside for her. she trys so hard. i can't believe that she has to go thru this. she is way more grown in some ways and way not in others. i decided tonite come high water i am gonna help her. her teachers do a wonderful job at the school she is now. i just know that we can help her also. now that i am ready to cry......i am gonna move on.

never in my life have i ever been more ready for spring/summer. i want to be outside. i want a garden. this cold stuff is ridiculous. been some cold days to ralph's and back, that's for sure.

i have taken over the website, myspace and making a facebook for our church. it is something that i really enjoy-a lot. i hope to (when i get it going more) reach people and spread His Word. i wish there was church like on tuesdays, thursdays, and Sundays. seriously.

next week should be the last visit from out licensing worker. i have had a worker of some type here for the last 3 weeks and 2 more to go. heavens interventionist will be here the following week. anyway, mind is wondering a little. i am excited to get all that done. had to get heaven her physical today to give to her when she comes again. wrapping things up...wooohoooooo!!!

so the friday night lights thing is a bit of irony. it is friday night and i sit here by the light of the computer and tv. happy that our lives have changed and i won't wake up (or go to bed) sick. that i am not doing something that i am sure to regret if drinking. who new the simple life would be so nice? glad i found out.

i am a little excited about Sunday. and no it is not because of football...gag me...well guess kinda it is...heading to momma b's house for some friends, food, laughter and love. wooohoooooo!!! am ready for that. some good ole belly laughs. it is the best med you know??!!!!

my boyz are all snuggled up...kyle is snoring and the little boyz are under the covers not to be seen until about 1:30ish, you know=right after i fall asleep, ggrrrr....happens everytime. we all actually get to sleep in tomorrow. guess i should start picking up the mess and winding down some...wish you all a blessed happy day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! ttfn....


Snot Head said...

Woohoo! I'm excited to see a blog from you and also to see you this Sunday! It's been too long...about four weeks. I haven't seen you since our Girl's Night, which was really nice. Big T and I will be watching that movie soon, maybe V-Day. We're planning a romantic night together. I'm also getting that book from Jaime. :)

Momma B said...

Man, I wish we had more get togethers to look forward to! We need to start planning, atleast, a bi-monthly get together!

And, for the record, I sure am happy that I don't have all the workers in my life any more!