Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hey all, happy Tuesday!! it is nice and sunny, only freezing!!! you know, i love the cold weather, but i am really starting to get used to the idea of liking spring and summer. i am ready for my garden, fires, sitting outside, and having the outside of the house look pretty-instead of drab. it's almost 1:30pm and feels like ti should be 8pm already. heaven (my niece that is living with us) had the flu allll night last night. puke, poop, puke, then more puke. thank goodness she is 10 and can make it to the bathroom and doesn't even want anyone in there with her. i stay outside the door. man, how could i have gotten any luckier? for those of you who don't know me---I CANT STAND PUKE. not even my own. my dearest sweet hubby helps me and cleans up after me when i am sick. thank goodness for him also!!!! she should be starting school tomorrow if no more pukey puke happens. she is really excited she gets to go to her old school again. i am excited for her. hoping that they can help her as much as they did before. only thing, i will not know what to do with my time when she is not here. Ralph will be happy that i can get back on track with him. i know he really depends on me.

just sitting around taking it easy pretty much today, hoping that the pains in my stomach are from digesting food instead of working up a puke fest. uugghhhh.... not a lot of stuff going on anymore. things are starting to slow down to normal. whatever that may be...lol.

well, i am getting really sleepy so i am gonna take a rest i think...hope you all have had a wonderful day and enjoy your night...be back soon....

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Momma B said...

WooooooooooHooooooooooo on the garden! I can't wait!