Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well, i have come to the conclusion that my blog is soooo stinkin boring, it kills me to read it. No is awful. I need to pep it up. My life is a little simple, but man this blog could put the happiest of people to sleep....gonna dig deep and bring me out again(by the advice of a friend).

After searching through the blogs looking for more reads, that is when i really noticed it. wheew..what kept you here?

I find some of the blogs i read absolutely amazing. The pain, the sadness, the love, the faith, and even the anger that some people feel. i want to write like that. at least a little like that. the one thing i have to talk about mostly, i cannot talk about for confidentiality reasons...and it kills me. but i have to keep it hush hush. but there are many, many emotions i would love to get out...i just can't right now. which leads to a boring blog.

what i have to say is nothing compared to the pain and feelings some people have to say. my daily routine is blah, blah, blah...boring.

it is amazing to me how the heart can ache and tears can flow for someone you haven't even met. but they do. my heart is bleeding for brokenwon. there is a lady who has something to say!! she is amazing. along with mckmomma. her faith is amazing, amazing, amazing...

a friend of mine is coming in a bit to teach the kid how to crochet. better her than me. now way. while she is doing that, i am gonna work on my health class homework that was due in january. just a few days late, huh? lol...thank goodness for a patient instructor...whoops.

i really rreally want to go grocery shopping tonight. oh,wait forgot it ws thursday..tonight is our first night helping with the youth group. kyle is very, very excited. i am nervous, but excited. i find it scary that i could possibly be a person that makes an influence in someone's life. i just don't want to say the wrong thing. you know, just that wierd, nervous, never dont it before feeling. we have some awesome things planned out. i'll have to let you know as it goes along. maybe that will help this boring blog huh? k, great, may you have a blessed day!!! peace out.....


Momma B said...

I understand just how you feel! I feel torn about the influence I am expected to have over the lives of the Sunday School kids. As far as I am concerned, I am sooooo far from perfect and I don't want to steer them wrong! I guess that is where the big Guy guiding and leading us comes in, right? I sure hope so anyway!

Have a great day! I really don't think your blog is boring! I bet you could include a few stories about a half naked jaunt through the neighborhood at 2:30 in the morning, to spruce it up! Oh, I guess I should have added the part where you were chasing the dog, so as to explain why you were half naked, see interesting! ha! Funny thing is, you are too far away to hurt me!

Snot Head said...

OH my! I bet you will think twice about saying you have a boring blog again...we wouldn't want your deepest darkest secrets coming out, now. I had a lot of fun today. Not only was it fun to teach such a good student, but it was fantastic to get to spend so much uninterrupted time with you. I really appreciate you and your opinions. I can't wait to find out if your pastor has an extra one of those books. I want to learn more about God's purpose in my life.