Friday, June 12, 2009

some cool pics and the runaway dog

Here are some pics that I did on the photofunia site. It is really, really, awesome.

the mighty running dog , see the below story(not the best pic of him, but will work)

a beautiful, beautiful sweet little girl (sorry I don't have any newer pics of the other kids) but when i do look out...i have an idea....

amazing beauty

so very awesome!!!

one of my newphews

this one kills me..but it is neat

my other nephew

one of my beautiful nieces

miss heaven marie

chili chili cheese fries

sweet cass

miss this pic of her

ok--let me set the scene for you...we are outside one day last week (the hottest one) cleaning the truck inside and out. all the doors are open matts out, using the vacuum to do the carpets. cleaning away. music playing, aaahhhhh life is good. and then she tells me that zeus is loose. WHAT!!?!?!?!!??? he is sooo fast and would never ever come back on his own. WWHHAATTT??!?!?!!! i throw the window cleaner and paper towels while on the run. me, running? hahahahah-joke in iteself. i am springing after him..he doesn't even look back. he is running towards his girlfriend accross the alley. i'm think great, he loves her-he'll stop. no chance. i am screaming "zeus heres your girlfriend(which by the way he knows who we men when we say that) he ran right by her!! he nEVER ever leaves his g/f behind...mind u chili is now chasing me chasing zeus. i tell her to get chili as he is trying to eat zeus' g/f. zeus is running and running, by this time i am screaming, crying his name. tears are rolling i know he is never coming back. i am running through yards, bushes, crying his name and running through was awful. mind you i am a chunky girl...i do not run...knees just may blow out!! i love to ride, walk, but run noooooo way. we are almost to rt 47 by now!!! i knew and could see it play over and over in my mind him being squished by a semi. i was hysterical by theis point!! It was by the Grace of God that he stopped. after peeing on everything he could he stopped to tri it again and i was on him...he cowered down and i scooped him thought is "man i am gonna pass out. i see little white spots and green spots..dizzy. goona fall. DON"T FALL YOU FOOL HE"LL GET AWAY!!! and all you ran was for nothing. don't do it, ok, coming back from that..whhheewww" first was relief he was caught then i wanted to killl him. we come in i get sat down-before i fell down..he curls up on the couch in a little ball and takes a nap. little did he know, i still had to finish the truck and wash it yet and clean the rest of the house and ride 4 miles--while he slept!! i ran what felt like a 5k in 10 miutes and he is sleeping!!!
good think i love him.

So last night was our first night witht he youth group. i have so many ideas, it should be quite the adventure with all the kids. i will be telling more as it goes and the adventures we have done.

well, getting off here for now, have a great day!!


Snot Head said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe that. I tried to take my cat out of the house yesterday because we stayed at the in-laws. I didn't think it was fair to leave her home alone all night, so I wanted to take her with. I didn't think it was going to be a big deal at all, but the moment I got her down the stairs of the appartment complex, she had a complete psycho fit, started clawing me, and jumped off my back. She didn't even try to run away, though. She ran straight back to the door. She wanted nothing to do with the outside world.

Momma B said...

Now that is you! Good show! And, I am glad you didn't die!

Momma B said...

I think I may be hooked on your pic software! THANKS! My soon to be backed up laundry and dishes and everything else, including hungry children, all thank you too! Just kidding, but it is really slick!