Wednesday, June 17, 2009 again....

Good morning everyone. hope your morning is going well. it is 7:25 and i have had enuff on my mind already for an entire day and only been up for one hour. I have discovered new bruises from the let's stretch just a little more falling off the ladder incident. Funny now not so muc then. i am onmy way back out to the church for another day of pressure washing. and what a good day to pick, it is gonna be 90 degress---just kill me. i am ready for snow again. i dislike summer very much!! but if i have to be outside, soaked by cold water is hwere i need to be!!

we have a car show at our church on saturday!! everyone should come. it is free to get in and have a few kiddie things there also, and of course food! my jobs are from 11-1 watch the obstacle course (quit ur laughing momma b and hubby) and then from 1-3 ride on the hayrack with the kiddies. woot, woot...ASIDE FROM THE HEAT, i am excited. should be a good day!!

not much going on this day, so i am gonna head out on the ole bikester in a bit to the church!! hope you have a magnificent wonderful fantastic amazing day!! God bless!!


Snot Head said...

Good Luck on Saturday! I might stop by for some food. haha!

Momma B said...

Love the new title! IT FITS! I love the idea of a car show! What brought this on? That happens to be one of my favorite things to do!!! Hmmm? No way you were trying to keep me from discussing, in front of the entire world, the time you spent on the obstacle course at the pumpkin patch? I should post a pic! Not wanting to keep the huge water ring on your back side a secret, were you? I sure hope not!

Have a great day! No more ladders! Why did you say you would go back? Are you kidding me???? I could wring your neck!